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Carolina CoPacking partners with startups and world-recognized brands, restaurants and retailers to produce standout flavors from our extensive lineup of in-house recipes.

Why Carolina

Our food scientists and industry experts use family recipes passed down through generations and add your signature flare to exceptional tastes from our test kitchen.

We have our finger on the pulse of the market, developing recipes and co-manufacturing for the industry trend setters, ahead of the curve.

Regardless of consumer trends for eating at home, away from home, eating prepared meals, or a hybrid approach, CCP offers solutions for both food service and retail partners.

CCP Produces 6 of the Top 10 Performing Sauce

$3.7B – Salad Dressing Bottled
$2.4B – Pasta Sauce Jarred
$1.6B – Mayonnaise Jarred
$1.4B – Ketchup Bottled
$0.9B – BBQ Sauce Bottled
$0.8B – Salsa & Hot Sauce Bottled
$0.7B – Jarred Liquid Soups

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