From Startups To Major Food Producers

Carolina CoPacking is a trusted partner to a wide variety of brands. We optimize, prepare, cook, bottle, pack, and ship with a reputation for customer-focused production terms and a true commitment to the highest level of quality for every item produced.

Contract Manufacturing

Need help bringing your unique flavor to the world?

Our team works as your partner to develop delicious new products. We provide guidance, marketing support, packaging, and shipping – everything needed to bring your creation to life, and to the masses. We help you plan and execute, leaning on decades of experience in the food manufacturing industry. Speak with us today.

Private Label

We create the flavors that people want.

We first and always use the best quality ingredients, and we survey and research, lean on our efficiencies, and always provide the personal attention that makes a difference in your success. That’s our promise.

Food Services

From up and coming brands that are changing the way we experience our favorite foods, to large food service groups that bring culinary joy to the masses, Carolina CoPacking serves them all with consistent quality and delivery with cost-effective solutions.

The Carolina

Attention to Detail

We listen to our customers. We meet the standards you set for your brand, always.

Customer Service

Carolina CoPacking always responds proactively to solve any challenges that arise. Guess what? They always arise…choosing a caring partner is important.

Manufacturing Capacities & Technology

Carolina CoPacking is expanding capacity currently. We are always searching for the latest technology to increase efficiencies for our customers. 

Experienced Professionals

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals in the food industry and manufacturing. You always deal with our most experienced teammates.

"Carolina CoPacking is a trusted partner. I look at them like family. It's all built on trust and I can tell you, it's an incredible relief to not ever have to worry about your co-manufacturer delivering. CCP always does!"

– CHRIS PRIETO, Prime BBQ / Food Network

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